All ‘i’s on Worcester’s new boiler

Keeping feedback from both heating engineers and home-owners in mind, we’ve developed the new Greenstar i – and the end result offers a number of features addressing a number of the current challenges facing the heating industry.
Following the general customer requirement of higher hot water flow rates, we have worked hard to increase the output of our new boiler, improving the rates of each variant.
We’e also extended the range of outputs on offer with the i System boiler series, which will ultimately permit installers to buy a boiler more precisely suited to the requirements of each individual hot water and heating system.
The introduction of the ErP directive means that, from August 1, all boilers must meet certain additional criteria, one of which is that the circulating pump fitted within the boiler must be of a low-energy type.
These pumps, like a low-energy light bulb, offer the same performance while consuming less energy which, when you consider that 23 million homes could have pumps operating on 50-70W rather than 100W and above, offers the potential for a significant collective saving.
The well-documented issue of frozen condensate was one we sought to resolve, and each new Greenstar i boiler will benefit from a large condensate siphon as standard, allowing installers to reintroduce externally-run condensate pipes. Not only will this avoid unsightly pipes in the kitchens – where 60% of boilers are fitted – but we’re confident that it will also help to save money, averting the risks involved in disrupting expensive kitchen worktops and cupboards with a drill.
At Worcester, we’re always looking to make the job of an installer that bit easier, and another key feature of the new Greenstar i is that certain internal components are easier to get to, and thus service or repair.
Both the expansion vessel and the fan are now located much more conveniently, meaning that it is no longer necessary to take the boiler off the wall in order for the vessel to be replaced, while installers can access the fan without having to break or disturb the combustion chamber seal.
Finally, the new product will benefit from a clear and user-friendly new interface, specially designed to offer a more direct interaction with the boiler for installers and home-owners alike.
Rolling text explains the action of the operator as well as the boiler function at that exact time, while the interface will guide installers through the requirements of the Benchmark checklist – rendering log book completion a great deal simpler.
The close relationship we have with our installers enables us to put them front of mind when developing new products, and it’s largely thanks to their feedback over the last 10 years that we’ve been able to develop our new boiler.
T: Ray McClay, Regional Sales Manager, Worcester Bosch Ireland on (NI) 07767 432567 or (RoI) 0044 7767 432567