Not resting on its laurels

A new winter season sees more innovation and excellent service from Saturn Heating

Saturn entered another heating season by not resting on its success to date. With a number of initiatives supporting its oil boiler offering, plumbers and homeowners are keen on the technology it delivers alongside the value it provides. It was great value last term and with price points changing from season to season, Saturn has focused on providing the same great product with the same great value.

Initiatives such as the previously advertised cashback offer are still running! Saturn Heating is offering installers cash back of €400 with the installation of fully integrated zoned controls in conjunction with an A rated, condensing oil boiler. In addition, if a fully integrated system is not available, there is cashback to the sum of €150 for an entry level installation.

Commenting on the offer, Stephen Duffy, Saturn’s Technical Manager, said,

“It’s a great opportunity for our installers to pass savings back to the customer, giving them a great opportunity to price a quality boiler with a discount to the end-user. All works need to be installed to SEAI grant standards, meaning that the customer has the peace of mind that a Saturn installation is of the highest standards, just like the components that went into their Saturn Oil Boiler. With that, we want to help plumbers and installers as much as we can. We’re here to help, always. So we’re offering free on-site training to the plumber on their first installation.”

“The relationship we have with our merchants all over Ireland is what has given us the platform to really succeed over the past 12 months. But the ability for all plumbers to pick up the phone and ring us as well as merchants has meant that we’re there for everyone. Be it merchants, plumbers or homeowners, our start-up mentality has meant that we’re much more accessible on a daily basis. We have no intentions of letting that slip over the remaining months of 2018 and pushing forward into 2019 and beyond,” said Stephen Duffy, Saturn Technical Manager.

The ability to launch these products and have people listen, stems from the oil boiler growth within the market. The NHC range has made that happen. It is also paving the way for the company’s Blueflame technology.

With NOx levels of 51mg/kW (2022 compliant), the Saturn LCB Blueflame boiler is an exciting piece of kit and Saturn is looking forward to bringing yet another piece of leading technology to the Irish market. With a 100% stainless steel heat exchanger and built-in weather compensation it will deliver some of the advantages that Saturn’s reliable NCB boiler is already doing but it will also bring some extra features to the Irish market, with built-in WiFi options, geo-fencing capabilities and an extremely user friendly full text and menu LCD display.

Combing these features with the 2022 compliant low NOx levels means you’ll get great value at the time of installation but you’ll also grab yourself a future proof boiler.

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