OFTEC shares top tips with home-owners

The ‘Independent Expert Advice for House Sellers’ states that the Autumn months are the best time to sell your home.

To help home-owners make the most of the selling season and give their homes the best possible chance of selling, OFTEC has issued advice on how to ensure sellers’ home heating systems don’t let them down.

David Blevings, OFTEC Ireland Manager, said, “The burden of selling a home can be difficult enough without worrying about the heating system. To ease the process, OFTEC has shared top tips with home-owners to help secure their sale.

“Possessing a certificate of compliance for the new boiler installation and keeping your recent servicing records is a fantastic way of showing potential buyers that the house they are viewing is in top working condition and easy to move into. Home- owners are advised to always use an OFTEC registered technician, not only for the home they hope to sell, but the one they wish to buy.”

OFTEC is encouraging technicians to offer home-owners a certificate of compliance with their new boiler as it will demonstrate that the installation has been to building regulation standards, assist in any future house sale and reinforce that the heating system is working effectively and efficiently.

David Blevings, OFTEC Ireland Manager
T: 028 9186 2916
Sean McBride, Ireland Representative
T: 07540 502 304 (NI) or 087 241 7041 (RoI)
W: www.oftec.ie