Plastic push-fit inventors reach their 60th anniversary

Introduced by RWC’s John Guest brand in 1974, push-fit technology is here to stay, says Bart Maris, VP of Sales and Marketing RWC…

Established in 1961, RWC’s John Guest brand created the push-fit concept for compressed air in 1974 – a technology that has found its application in many industries and continues to evolve.

Bart Maris, VP, Sales and Marketing RWC.

The advantages of plastic push-fit pipes and fittings are well known throughout the plumbing industry. They are versatile, durable, and easy to transport and install. It is also by far the easiest of the four main fitting types to work with – even in confined spaces. Compared to compression fittings, soldering, and press-fit, push-fit requires no tools to install or demount, offering up to 40% decreased installation time. With no requirement for blowtorches, solder and cleaning agents, installation is not only faster, it offers far fewer health and safety risks. 

Beyond the benefits to installers, push-fit technology stands to benefit the industry as a whole. With construction and renovation projects on the increase, redoubled government focus on investment in housing and infrastructure, and a shortage of skilled labour, efficiency is key. Using technology that offers speed and reliability could help free up installers by improving efficiency, allowing construction projects to proceed apace. 

While speed and efficiency are vital, quality is paramount. John Guest’s plastic push-fit fittings are engineered to very high standards and go through rigorous testing, passing the necessary BSI and WRAS standards and delivering a leak-tight connection. 

Speedfit Twist & Lock from John Guest.

The capability to engineer truly bespoke solutions has led to unique uses for push-fit technology all over the world, including applications as diverse as tractors and agricultural machinery in Africa, algae feeding systems in New Zealand, and inhalation therapy in Portugal.

When trust matters
Naturally, one of the biggest barriers to adoption in any industry is resistance to change. While the evolution of the industry from traditional to modern methods continues rapidly, push-fit technology is constantly proving itself versus traditional methods. This success is down to a robust and rigorous process of manufacturing and quality control, as well as relentlessly working with customers to test, improve and innovate to meet changing needs. 

Resting on decades of engineering legacy, while also having access to RWC’s wider R&D capabilities, the John Guest brand is on the steady course of coming up with what’s next in the world of push-fit by applying innovative ways of 3D-print prototyping and testing before new solutions are released to the market. The future will continue this focus and see the introduction of more products that help industries to streamline, innovate and achieve process and production efficiencies.
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