Plumber protection from PCLA

According to the firm, if a house is new or has been replumbed, PCLA is being advised by insurance companies that they may take a legal recovery action against the plumber in the case of a water damage claim caused by a leaking pipe.

The statute of limitations is a time limit which outlines the length of time whereby insurance companies are ‘statute barred’ from claiming against plumbers; in property, it is six years. PCLA advises plumbing companies to be limited rather than a sole trader (however further legal and accounting advice will be necessary).

PCLA carries out a lot of court work and recommends that plumbers keep a good diary. Under your appointments list, the company advises as below:

– Ensure you have the correct contact details and address for the client.

– Fully describe all works you were asked to carry out.

– Keep a record of all tests, eg did you pressure test the pipe/installation and how long did the test last once the job was complete?

– PCLA has seen numerous situations where people throw their bags into an attic/hotpress area, which can cause leaks. Keep a note of attic and hot press contents if working in these areas.

– Keep a record of payment as it is a client’s acknowledgement of satisfaction.

PCLA advises and protects plumbers who are part of its referral network. Plumbers who refer work to PCLA will also receive a referral fee.

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