Plumbers still required

The increase in popularity of simple-to-use push-fit fittings has given rise to the belief that a specialist skill is not required to install them. This has led some in the industry to believe that the art of plumbing is becoming obsolete, but this is not the case. from the fact that plumbers will always be required to solder some components in a plumbing system. However, taking advantage of quicker and easier-to-install systems, like push-fit fittings, shows that the two products or methods are compatible.

The design of a push-fit connector is not just compatible for joining plastic to plastic. Push-fit fittings are designed It is important to acknowledge the role soldering will always have in the industry. There is no hiding to lock any two pipes together – the material of the two pipes does not have to be the same. If the pipe is free of score marks, the push-fit fitting can twist and lock into position to ensure a secure connection, showing that the system is compatible with both plastic and copper.

All plumbing professionals have their own techniques and preferred tools and there is no doubting the growing popularity of push-fit fittings in the industry. Push-fit plumbing systems are reliable and do not remove some of the skill associated with plumbing. As with any profession, it depends on the product that is used. What is clear is that push-fit plumbing systems should not be discounted or seen as a basic option, but rather adding value to customers and the end user.

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