Pool club’s big break, thanks to Myson

With high-efficiency Myson Premium HE radiators mounted on the external walls, the rest of the pool hall makes use of Myson Kickspace in stair risers and seating plinths and Hi- Line fan heaters situated strategically throughout the rest of the property.

The pool club is part owned by Alex Irvine Plumbing & Heating. Installer Alex Irvine has been a Myson customer for more than 30 years and was so satisfied with the products that he and his son used them in their new venture together. “We are 110% happy with Myson. They gave us a fantastic deal, and we have seen a great return with new customers, consistent temperatures and we calculate, much lower running costs.”

The Q-Club in Larne is situated in a former nightclub, previously heated by an unreliable and inefficient 42kw electric blow heater. It now has a gas boiler, with ambient warmth provided by the total heating solution of radiators and convectors from Myson. This ensures a consistent and comfortable temperature throughout the building, which is necessary for the slates on the 10 pool tables and one snooker table, as well as providing comfort heating for an increasing number of players. The pool hall is mostly open plan and has a limited amount of external wall space for traditional radiator solutions, so clever use of other spaces for fan convectors was required.

“The complete range of heating solutions available from Myson allowed us to tackle heat delivery in some tricky spaces with ease,” commented Alex Irvine. “The slates of the tables in the central areas of the space need to be kept warm. We made use of Kickspace units, which are often used in kitchens andalso a wall-mounted Hi-line unit to deliver warmth to the areas of the pool hall where there is little or no wall space. Our Myson thermostat is now set at 17ºC for 12 hours a day, and we calculate that our heating costs have been reduced because of the efficiency of the new system from £8000 a year to something more like £1200.”

To ensure that the run of the balls is true, a consistent temperature is important for the slate beds of pool tables. Not only was the previous hot air heating system costing them money, it also left areas of the building cold, affecting both the slates on the tables and the comfort of customers. The clever use of Kickspace and Hi-line units ensures that, wherever a pool table might be situated in the hall space, the environment is suitable for play.

“We are delighted that Q-Club chose a creative total solution for the project,” said Kelly Smith, Myson Product Manager. “This approach has certainly delivered a more comfortable playing environment and some great savings. This is another example of how taking a total solution approach can benefit everyone.”

Myson offers a wide range of heating options and is therefore uniquely placed to offer unbiased advice on products for each application. All Myson solutions work perfectly with renewable and traditional heat sources, so it is easy to combine the company’s different types of heating product. More specialised products such as Kickspace and Hi-Line can be combined with panel radiators to deliver excellent efficiency in areas that might be unsuited to wall-mounted appliances, especially in more open commercial spaces, for a system that delivers a total heating solution in each application.

For further details about Myson’s comprehensive portfolio of solutions, visit www.myson.co.uk or contact Sean Leonard on 0044 7766 730 559 or Alun Coulter on 0044 7766 730 684.