Radiators – doing the biz in a commercial environment

Whilst on large commercial projects there are clearly other viable options available, for small and medium commercial properties – offices, hospitals, schools, colleges and universities, and a myriad of public sector buildings – radiators still offer an attractive option.

Thanks to a wealth of new designs making radiators aesthetically pleasing as well as energy efficient, they still play an important role in the replacement market and, in particular, smaller commercial properties.

Colour is a new concept in a sector where, to paraphrase Henry Ford, you could have “any colour, so long as it was white”.  Now with most radiators from Stelrad available in any of 35 colours, it’s possible to match or contrast radiators to corporate colour schemes or simply to liven up the décor in the most visible parts of a building – for example, the reception area of a company’s premises.

Stelrad has responded to the market-place with the provision of a number of new offerings that meet specific commercial requirements. Stelrad’s already popular flat-fronted, slimline Planar design has morphed into Planar HD, a heavy-duty version, designed to withstand rougher treatment in buildings where robust radiators are required to deliver reliable heat under pressure!

Planar HD comes with a sturdy 2mm, one-section integrated steel fascia, incorporating side and top panels. It was originally designed to withstand the knocks associated with a postal sorting office with trolleys and small trucks patrolling the corridors and occasionally coming into contact with the radiators in the building. But since its birth, Planar HD has been specified for schools, hospitals and nursing homes – all of which need to withstand heavier contact – be it from wheelchairs, beds or just young people!

And there’s the Compact Xtra Protection from Stelrad – a new, rust-resistant radiator range designed for rooms with on-going high humidity such as showers, bathrooms, wet rooms and changing rooms in sports halls as well as in changing facilities in spas and health centres and swimming pool complexes.

The low surface temperature radiator – LST – offers an important and safe form of heat and is still popular in a wide range of commercial properties, in particular in the education and healthcare market-places. LSTs offer a degree of safety from radiators that are ‘safe to touch’ for people of all ages and for those who may be vulnerable.

The surface temperature of these LSTs will never exceed 43°C. LSTs come with a casing that surrounds the radiator allowing the heat to convect in the normal way, whilst ensuring that the casing at no time exceeds 43°C. With Stelrad LST radiators, the casing covers the radiator but also the incoming pipework, making sure all the heated surfaces are concealed and that any exposed surfaces stay at a safe temperature. LSTs are the safe solution in hospitals, care and nursing homes, doctor and dentist surgeries as well as universities, colleges, schools and nurseries.

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