Rare artefacts protected following boiler upgrade

ELCO Heating Solutions brings modern heating to Ulster Museum...

ELCO Heating Solutions (ELCO) has supplied four 200kW TRIGON® XL gas condensing boilers to Ulster Museum, Belfast. The new boilers, which replaced four ageing cast-iron units, are providing highly efficient heating and hot water to the entire property.

ELCO’s agent for Northern Ireland (NI), Sermet (NI) Ltd, completed the boiler replacement and commissioning over two phases to maintain heating and hot water services throughout the project, while reducing disruption for staff and visitors.

One of the major challenges involved access to the basement plant room, which could only be entered via a ladder staircase or a small service lift measuring less than one square metre. This restriction made the TRIGON® XL the perfect boiler for the project, thanks to its ingenious modular build. This design feature allowed Sermet’s installation team to disassemble the boilers into their component parts at ground level and subsequently transport them to the basement in the small service lift.

The new boilers have been connected to the existing system, with the addition of a low loss header to provide hydraulic separation of the primary and secondary circuit. This approach is helping to regulate the heating system’s flow rates and pressures, which will ultimately maintain the boilers’ high efficiencies and performance levels over their lifetime. Furthermore, each unit has been connected to the Building Management System (BMS), which utilises the boilers’ built-in cascade controls, ensuring they operate at the required set point and modulate accordingly.

The specification was created by the Construction and Procurement Delivery (CPD) department for NI, which has a remit to help clients across NI deliver successful projects. Commenting on the specification, lead engineer, Bernadette Cassidy, said: “We identified specific design requirements for the replacement units, including ultra-low NOx emissions, seasonal efficiencies greater than 97%, a flexible boiler design and a heat exchanger constructed entirely from stainless steel.”

Other aspects identified within the new specification included the upgrade of the circulating pumps for adaptive flow rates, extra insulation to all pipework to reduce heat loss and new controls that could be monitored remotely by the local premises team.

Commenting on the project, Andrew Boyd, Sermet (NI) Ltd, said: “As soon as we saw the specification for this project, we knew our tender would include the floor-standing TRIGON® XL boilers, given their superb efficiencies and unique modular design. There are very few boilers that can deliver the same combination of performance and efficiencies, alongside the high levels of flexibility on site.”

Available in seven different models with outputs from 150-570kW, the TRIGON® XL range offers a wealth of benefits, including: ultra-low NOx emissions complying with class 6 (2018) requirements, an 8 bar working pressure, 30k flow/return temperature differential, superb seasonal efficiencies and an ultra-compact footprint.

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