Register now for the latest HETAS course

Approved training centre at John J Doyle Ltd in Belfast offers a rabe of courses for installers, retailers, service technicians and chimney sweeps

Installers can now register for the next round of HETAS courses at John J Doyle Ltd in Belfast which begin in September.

HETAS is the leading training provider for solid fuel, wood and biomass, offering comprehensive, nationally recognised courses specifically designed for installers, showroom staff, specifiers, councils, building control officers, chimney sweeps and all those involved in wood fuel supply.

As a HETAS Approved Training Centre, John J Doyle Ltd, based at Duncrue Place, held its first HETAS course in February after the company opened dedicated facilities to deliver this accredited training.

Courses available at John J Doyle Ltd Approved Retailer; H003DS – Dry Appliance Installer; H004 – Wet Appliance Installer; H006 – System Chimneys; and H009 – Service & Maintenance. In addition, Approved Retailer Courses can be provided on site at stove and fireplace showrooms, primarily in Northern Ireland, with some availability in the Republic of Ireland.

Mike Harvey, Training and Technical Support Manager at HETAS, commented, “John J Doyle’s HETAS accredited training centre is an excellent facility catering for all learners – from experienced installers and chimney sweeps wanting to brush up on their skills, to someone with relevant experience coming into the industry needing to upskill with training on solid fuel and wood burning appliances.

“John J Doyle’s centre is a welcome addition to HETAS training provision in Ireland which has been going for over 12 years. Having launched our competent persons scheme in Ireland last year, consumers look for the HETAS Registered logo for reassurance that they are receiving a service that conforms to Irish building regulations and is in keeping with relevant legal and good practice requirements. Homeowners are becoming more aware of the risks of poor installations and so being registered with HETAS provides a great deal of security for the consumer and the business.”

John Doyle, Managing Director of John J Doyle Ltd, added, “We were delighted to be able to build on an already strong relationship with HETAS by opening our Approved Training Centre this year and it has proved to be a huge success since then.

“Installers want to improve their knowledge and the high standard of the HETAS courses allows them to gain formal recognition by a respected training provider.”


Sam sees the benefits of training

Sam McKee wants to see more installers sign up for HETAS training as he believes it will enhance the industry’s reputation.

Fireplace Fitting Service is a family-run company that has been in operation for over 70 years and while Sam feels that experience is vital, he also knows that you can’t rest on your laurels.

“You are always learning and the HETAS courses are certainly raising our standards as a company,” he said. “I’ve taken part in a number of courses at John J Doyle Ltd and they are first class. The courses offer official recognition of your skills and as customers become more knowledgeable I think it is important. It was also a good chance to chat with other people from our industry and discuss some of the challenges we’re all facing.

“We’re all seeing a rise in cowboy fitters and poor installation, particularly with the growing popularity of stoves. I would love to see HETAS training better recognised and accepted by Building Control. It will only be a matter of time and, as a company, we’re delighted to be leading the way and to be making use of the fantastic HETAS training at John J Doyle Ltd.”


Industry recognised HETAS courses

• Suitable for: Retail showroom staff
• Assessment method: Theory and interactive group activities.
• Course outcome and certification: A HETAS Certificate. Successful completion of this abridged version of the H002 provides a route to application as a HETAS Approved Retailer.

• Suitable for: Candidates with relevant experience in the construction industry, including allied trades such as plumbing and heating installers.
• Assessment method: Theory and practical.
• Course outcome and certification: A HETAS Certificate. Successful candidates can register with HETAS for installation of dry solid fuel appliances and can also progress to other HETAS courses.
• Course content: The course comes with two options, H003 (full scope) for candidates who intend to progress towards H005DE Biomass Training and Assessment and H003 (Defines Scope) which is a shortened version of the course for candidates who don’t intend to progress to the H005DE course.

• Suitable for: Candidates with plumbing and heating qualifications who have successfully completed the HT003.
• Assessment method: Theory and practical.
• Course outcome and certification: A HETAS Certificate. Successful candidates can extend their competence to include the installation of stoves with boilers.

• Suitable for: Candidates who have successful completed the H003 course. This is a one-day bolt-on to the H003 course and can be taken at the same time or at a later date.
• Assessment method: Theory and practical.
• Course outcome and certification: A HETAS Certificate. Successful candidates can demonstrate and register competence installing and testing prefabricated twin wall insulated system chimneys in residential properties.

• Suiatble for: This course is ideal for businesses with relevant experience but don’t wish to undertake installation work, including stove retailers, chimney sweeps, allied trades (eg pluming/heating installers), maintenance operatives and housing associations.
• Assessment method: Theory and practical.
• Course outcome and certification: A HETAS Certificate. On course competition, candidates will know commissioning requirements for dry solid fuel appliances and be able to carry out maintenance.
For more details on course content and prerequisites for each course, visit the website at

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