Reinventing ventilation with AerHaus

The Easyhome Range by Aldes provides reliable ventilation solutions for new build and retrofit project...

Now available from AerHaus Ltd is EasyHOME®- the first range of connected unidirectional ventilation and air purification systems.

With 25% of the population suffering from allergies and 96% of the population are exposed to fine particle concentrations above the limit defined by the WHO, the need to breathe clean air at home has never been greater, regardless of the location or type of dwelling. To meet this requirement, construction professionals need reliable ventilation solutions that are easy to install, both for new construction projects and renovations.

In light of this observation, Aldes has created EasyHome®, an innovative, unidirectional ventilation and air purification system, designed by and for system installers. This full-featured system blends air quality (multiple pollution agent sensors, filtered incoming air) with design (customised grille covers). The system is also connected through the AldesConnect™ app and can monitor the air quality inside and outside a dwelling.

The EasyHOME® range is designed to ventilate and purify air and comprises the three different solutions. The EasyHOME® PureAIR is the first connected unidirectional ventilation and air purification system with multiple pollution agent sensors, the EasyHOME® Hygro is the first 100% efficient solution compatible with multiple ducts and the EasyHOME® Auto is the unidirectional ventilation solution designed for seamless integration in all interiors.

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