Rettig Ireland – 50 years of quality in Newcastle West

Local investment has ensured the company’s success and longevity in the area as well as a wide and varied range of products.

Rettig Ireland has been operating in one form or another in Newcastle West since 1969. In that year, a purpose-built factory of 50,000sqft called Scanglo International was constructed in the town. The following year saw the first production of ‘Scanflow’ radiator valves and in 1974, Scanglo International was purchased by Myson Group.

In 1981, Myson Group was purchased by a consortium and in 1989, the renowned cement producer Blue Circle Industries acquired the Group. In 1997, the company was renamed Myson Heating Controls and three years later, was acquired by Rettig ICC.

In 2005, a catastrophic fire destroyed the entire building and offices but this proved only a temporary setback as three weeks after the fire, production started up again in a temporary building. The company proceeded to go from strength to strength; in 2007, it was renamed Rettig Ireland Limited and celebrated by manufacturing its 100 millionth valve product.

Several processes take place on the factory floor at Rettig Ireland every day including hot brass forging, machining of brass nickel and chrome plating, auto assembly, manual assembly, toolmaking, prototypes and engineering and product design.

Myson products manufactured at the plant by Rettig Ireland’s skilled workforce include manual valves (Matchmate, Matchmaster, Fullflow, Autobypass) and thermostatic valves (TRV2, Petite). The factory also produces MPE motorised valves along with an extensive range of electronic controls including MEP, MPRT, MCT, MRT and MRTE.

Technically advanced equipment ensures only the highest quality products are manufactured at the Rettig Ireland plant. In the toolroom, three pieces of high tech equipment guarantee quality and durability.An in-house R&D team, focused on quality control, carries out various tests including flow, pressure, temperature and life cycle. Every effort is made to ensure quality remains to the forefront with each product range.

A local workforce and a programme of continuous investment in the factory and in its staff has made Rettig Ireland the success story it is today. A range of products manufactured in a controlled environment ensure the highest level of quality is maintained at all times. Rettig Ireland will continue to supply the industry with its varied product range, from its factory in the heart of Newcastle West.

T: 00353 (0)69 62277