Rinnai system thinking brings business specific hot water systems

Rinnai UK is spearheading a new concept for economic and efficient hot water delivery that brings together all the components of a system in one handy, bespoke designed pack for any kind of business, large or small.

Rinnai UK Associate Director Chris Goggin says that simply supplying a water heater unit (or multiple units) has become an antiquated notion that simply is not good enough. “System thinking is what is going to give us the edge as we head into a future where fuel prices are going to need to be managed with pin-point precision.

System thinking has led Rinnai to the point where it can offer a service to design and deliver a complete hot water system in one easy to install, fully specified and energy efficient ‘pack’ delivered direct to site – meeting all the demands of the client in one seamless operation.

“Why would busy installers and end users want to waste their time planning and then assembling all the parts of a jigsaw when Rinnai’s water heating experts can specify, design and deliver the total solution?

He says specifiers and designers of both commercial and domestic projects can simply consult with Rinnai engineers and rest assured they will have the right system for the job when they need it and with the minimum of fuss. “What advantage is there in unit thinking when system thinking is so much more effective?” he asks. “And not just at the delivery stage but ongoing through the system’s lifetime.”

“With our integrated system concept we have gone far beyond simply manufacturing a product to being in a position to offer a complete turnkey service from planning through installation and commissioning to on-going maintenance,” says Goggin.

A total solution including water heaters, flues, scale protection, unvented cylinders, valves, prefabrication racks, advanced BMS controls – even water sampling equipment – can be specified, designed and delivered by Rinnai.

“The heat generator on the system is Rinnai’s HDC condensing water heater which offers 95% gross efficiency which is maintained for the lifetime of the system due to the design principles and controls. Therefore, the design, combined with the system-thinking approach, promotes best-in-class energy efficiencies.

“The principles of system thinking add value to the customer as they take away compliance issues like legionella control, for example. We have already developed these packages for multiple corporate customers and for our distribution partners, and these pioneering projects have been very well received. The system thinking principle applied by Rinnai is now being adopted mainstream meaning more and more efficient systems are in use.

“A key demand is to provide better on-site efficiency at point of installation and as the system is supplied to site in a pack, this demand has been answered. Using the principles of system thinking we aim to take the headache out of system design and supply complete solutions that go well beyond the heat generator and offer our customers performance and compliance for many years to come.”

“The water heaters (the complete Rinnai range is A-rated under ErP labelling demands) far surpass the thermal heating credit requirements for domestic and commercial hot water systems in new and existing buildings to ensure current and future compliance,” Goggin says, adding: “It is a complete turn-key solution that guarantees easy installation and tight time and labour control and standardisation of both product and spare parts supply.

‘Customers and end-users can be assured that their system is–G3 compliant and has good practice when concerning Legionella (ACOP L8) guidance as well as being best in class under Part L building regulations.

* Rinnai is a BIM steering committee advisor to CIBSE for water heaters, boilers and air heaters and ICOM ‘s chosen expert for the RUK UK review of EN26 and EN89.

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