Rinnai tackles rugby league sponsorship with Widnes Vikings

And a big part of that sponsorship is on two community-based programs called “Rinnai match day experiences”. This is targeted at enabling young kids to play rugby tournaments before Super League matches are played or televised.  

“Getting kids into sport is what we want to achieve together with Widnes Vikings,” says Rinnai Operations chief Chris Goggin. “The first of these took place recently and had more than 100 kids playing, and 250 people involved in all – the program is advertised not only in our local area but within the areas of the opposition team.  This means that the Rinnai match-day experience is promoted across the country.

“The second element of Rinnai’s commitment to the community through Widnes Vikings is to help people within our local area that are having a hard time at present – we give them a trip to meet their favourite players, a behind-the-scenes look at the facilities, meet the Sky Sports team and have match-day passes with hospitality. Just recently it was the turn of local lad Robert, who was recently diagnosed with motor neurone disease.   

 The sponsorship also takes the form of the Rinnai logo and brand name on the back of the playing shorts. This will be the second season both parties have taken this unconventional but innovative style of sports sponsorship.

Comments Chris Goggin, “We are absolutely delighted to take a very active sponsorship with Widnes Vikings. We share a common belief in approach and values of excellence, innovation and responsibility to the wider community.

“Rinnai is a worldwide brand name in its field and has taken some major global sponsorships – including the Queensland Reds, The World Club World Cup event held January this year in Tokyo, the World Ice Skating Championships and the US Nascar competition held in Daytona, Las Vegas and other major American venues.

“The Widnes Vikings are also local to our own UK headquarters so it is all an excellent fit.

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