Rinnai to headline sponsor CIBSE tech symposium in London

The CIBSE Technical Symposium 2018 – themed as ‘Stretching the envelope’ will encompass techniques, applications and technologies for healthy and productive environments.
“The uncertainties of climate, resources, environment, and security will mean that there is an increasing need for those with a responsibility to deliver healthy and productive environments to stretch beyond ‘business as usual’, says CIBSE.

The 2018 symposium theme is aiming to provide the industry with a technical insight into the methods, technologies and techniques that are available, or just over the horizon, that will drive the development of increasingly sustainable future environments. This will include presentations and discussions on both the established and proven, as well as the developmental and cutting edge.

Topics presented may include the following: Assessing, assuring and improving occupant health, comfort and wellbeing; Developing and applying leading edge products and systems for a sustainable building future; Moving towards net zero energy and net zero water built environments; Delivering human friendly ecosystems beyond the ‘built’ environment; Fusing passive and active building systems; Designing and operating to meet future climates; Creative technologies and systems for an aging population; Intelligent systems and knowledge based tool; Metering, intelligent monitoring and control techniques to predict and manage energy use; BIM (and other information tools) for improved building development and operation; Case studies and measured performance of buildings in use

Comments Rinnai Managing director Tony Gittings, “we are an industry-leading manufacturer of water heating technologies, products and systems for commercial sites and we have been a main sponsor of the CIBSE Technical Symposium, held in the Spring, for the past several years now. We believe it is the best event of its kind.

“We get to speak in a relaxed and informative manner about continuous flow hot water technology with members from all types of consultancies, building services and academia backgrounds. The fact that it moves around the regions makes it even more attractive to Rinnai – yes the South East has the biggest concentration of population but there is a lot more outside of the M25 area!!

“The event is well organised and, more importantly, it is well attended by CIBSE members all looking for new product and practices to improve the industry’s offering to end-users. Rinnai looks forward to continuing our sponsorship of the event well into the future.

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