Rinnai takes flight at Dublin Airport

Three HDC1500i NG Condensing Water Heaters have been installed at the newly refurbished Aer Lingus building, providing superior efficiencies and meeting the high hot water requirements. The system also includes one PLUS 500 Buffer (complete with accessories) and one common flue system to suit (200 mm flue with common header to suit). The system was designed, supplied and commissioned by Hamilton Gas Products and installed by AirconMech Ltd.

Anthony Hayes is Technical Director at AirconMech Ltd, and was responsible for the full mechanical contract on the project.

“The heaters supplied by Hamilton Gas Products were a small element of the project but an important one. The strategy we employed to install the heaters was an engineered solution with Delap & Waller, the project consultants, to the hot water provision on the project.”

The hot water demand part of the design was, says Anthony, quite high.

“They’re also very efficient in terms of space saving. Space was extremely tight so we had to try and devise a solution that was quite compact.”

Rinnai offers some of the most energy efficient and cost-effective ranges of A-rated energy labelled appliances with load profiles to cover domestic to large industrial applications, ideal for a large project like the Aer Lingus building at Dublin Airport.

Non-condensing Infinity water heaters are ideal for the replacement market and the heavy duty condensing range, providing superior efficiencies for commercial operations of all sizes whether used to standalone or in Infinity Plus form, where banks of HDC units are combined to satisfy the high peak time demands of larger operations.

The condensing process associated with the Rinnai HDC1500i internal water heater delivers up to 105% net thermal efficiency says Rinnai, which translates to significant energy savings when compared to their conventional counterparts. The product saves space, water, energy and time and applications are limitless.

The HDC1500i boasts a compact design with internal and weatherproof external models and is also, importantly, renewables ready when you are – suitable for use as a temperature booster for solar thermal and heat-pump use.

AirconMech also installed a 200mm flue with common header at the building. According to Rinnai, the common flue streamlines modular installation of its Infinity condensing continuous flow gas water heaters, making the whole process significantly more cost effective. Rinnai has also pioneered a common header flue system to streamline manifolded installations of its Infinity condensing continuous flow gas water heaters range.

Installation of the water heaters was challenging says Anthony.

“The project required a lot of demolition works and it all happened in a very tight programme. Another challenge we faced was the fact that the demolition works weren’t straightforward and were quite complex. That led to areas not being released until quite late in the project so we only had a certain amount of time to get things done.

“The building was an old, very large concrete building which made the demolition process an arduous one. In addition, the conversion aspect of the project was complicated. So small aspects of the job like that made the overall project challenging.”

“The Rinnai water heater we installed is a great little machine. Coupled up with a buffer cylinder, they were able to meet the high hot water requirement demanded by the project.

They really were the best fit for the project.”

If you have engineers who need Rinnai training, e-mail rinnai-training@gasproducts.co.uk for more information. Rinnai products are available via all-Ireland distributor, Hamilton Gas Products

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