RVR Energy Technology marks a 20-year partnership

Ideal for new builds, multi-site developments and the Irish climate with its buffer tank and frost protection, a new split heat pump has been launched by Immergas…

Celebrating 20 years of supplying the Immergas range, RVR Energy Technology Limited is also looking ahead with the launch of the Italian manufacturer’s new split heat pump.
Ideal for the Irish climate with its built-in buffer tank and frost protection, the Immergas Magis Hercules Pro Mini is a compact, high-quality solution for modern builds including multi-site developments.
It builds on the Italian firm’s reputation as a global innovator in heating and renewables.
Immergas was established in 1964, initially producing gas boilers for residential and commercial use before evolving into high efficiency condensing boilers and renewables.
In 2003, RVR Energy Technology began distributing Immergas gas boilers and the Co Kerry-based firm has since rolled out Immergas’ continuously advancing innovations in eco-friendly heating technologies to the Irish market.
Michael Hayes, MD of RVR Energy Technology, said, “As Ireland’s climate evolves and sustainability becomes increasingly crucial, we understand the need for energy-efficient, environmentally friendly heating solutions.
“We are delighted to introduce Immergas’ new range of high quality and efficiency split heat pumps for new build residential developments.”
To mark the milestone partnership and support the latest addition to the Immergas range, a new website has been launched at

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