Sanbra Fyffe add Imperial sizes to Instantor® Copper Press Range

Sanbra Fyffe answers calls from Irish Mechanical and Electrical contractors with new imperial sizes for Instantor® Copper Press range...

Instantor® are first to launch Imperial size copper press fittings on the market.

Sanbra Fyffe has been supplying and supporting the Irish plumbing trade for over 80 years with their extensive product range including Instantor® Compression Fittings, the Instantor® Press System (for Pex Al-Pex) and more recently Instantor® metric copper press fittings, delivering on the company’s promise of reliability and absolute quality. It’s why their original ‘Irish Instantor®’ compression fitting remains the first choice for many Irish plumbers.

Sanbra Fyffe has listened to the Irish Mechanical and Electrical contractors call for Copper Press fittings for Irish pipe. The answer is Instantor® Copper Press fittings, offering a high-quality modern solution with flame-free jointing for faster and safer installation in five simple steps – CUT, CALIBRATE, CHECK, MARK and PRESS. Instantor® Copper Press gives installers many other game-changing advantages over conventional jointing connections –
specifically in cost, time and reliability.

‘Flame-free jointing’ connections eliminate the requirement for a flame-based Health and Safety risk assessment, a Hot Works Permit or a Fire Watch. The need for fire and fumes suppression equipment and flammability gas and Hot Works tools is also redundant. Instantor® Copper Press is also quick to install, which means significant savings in labour costs and time:

• No welding or soldering is required.
• It’s a quick and simple five step installation: Cut, Calibrate, Check, Mark and Press.
• Repairs can be made quickly and installed on a ‘live system’ saving system downtime.
• There is no requirement to flush/cleanse as no jointing compound or flux is used to complete the joint. Note: a flush may be required for other dust/debris.
• Instantor® Copper Press eliminates the need for expensive and heavy equipment such as threading machines and welding bottles, which can be difficult and time-consuming to transport.

The ‘3-Point Press’ connection uses a newly developed ‘VI’ profile press in cooperation with REMS for use with the Instantor® Copper Press fittings. There is one mechanical press either side of the bead and one hydraulic press on the O-ring, which gives a sound and secure joint every time. A ‘Leak Before-Press’ feature allows you to quickly identify if a press connection is incomplete or unpressed. The O-ring has four reduced sections allowing water to pass when unpressed. It’s a uniform process which reduces the risk of any potential leaks. A neater, cleaner finish is the result thanks to the flux and heat-free connection without the need of cutting oil.

Instantor® Copper Press fittings have WRAS and KIWA approval and have been designed and manufactured to IS EN 1254-7 (DC) so are perfectly suitable for potable water installations. Sanbra Fyffe are happy to facilitate on-site training for installers new to Copper Press.

The Instantor® Copper Press system is optimised to work in a variety of systems and operating conditions. The fittings contain a Black EPDM O-ring, which is designed for use in hot and cold water applications, heating systems (non-solar applications), chilled water and oil free compressed air systems. The Instantor® Copper Press has been designed to be used with Hard(R290) or Half Hard(R250) copper tube conforming with I.S.EN1057:2006. Operating conditions are 16 Bar @ 30°C and 10 Bar @ 95°C and with a maximum permitted temperature of 110°C.

Minimum spacing between fittings is recommended as follows:
15mm / ½” – 10mm space
22mm / ¾” – 20mm space
28mm / 1” – 20mm space

Sanbra Fyffe has partnered with REMS to develop a unique jaw for the Irish market to use with Irish copper tube. The selected jaw is a ‘VI’ profile, which is used in conjunction with the REMS mini-press tool. ‘VI’ will be ‘imprinted’ on the completed press joint for identification purposes.


• Brand new Irish Imperial ‘VI’ profile jaw.
• Also available in metric using ‘M’ profile jaw.
• Flame-free jointing. No hot works permit required.
• Flame-free installation makes for a safer job and shortened project times.
• Quick and simple to install. Faster than traditional solder methods saves on time and material costs.
• WRAS Approved. Instantor® Copper Press fittings are WRAS approved. Approval # 1903373 & # 2003301.
• EPDM O-Rings with Leak-Before-Press feature designed to identify un-pressed joints during system testing.
• Operating Pressure/temperatures –16bar @ 30°C, 10bar @ 95°C. Max 110°C, Min -25°C.
• Aesthetically pleasing finish. Flux and heat-free system provides for a neater, cleaner finish.

Sanbra Fyffe Ltd, Instantor® Works, Santry Avenue, Dublin, D09 K160
T: +353 (0)1 842 6255