A First for Sanbra Fyffe with NSAI Certification

Sanbra Fyffe Ltd, market leaders in the supply of plumbing and heating products in Ireland, is celebrating being the first Irish company to be awarded NSAI’s licence to use the Irish Standard Mark in connection with its new INSTANTOR® PEX-AL-PEX Multilayer Pipe and INSTANTOR® Press Fittings range.

Awarded by the NSAI (National Standards Authority of Ireland), this certification is a genuine statement of quality and highlights Sanbra Fyffe’s ongoing commitment to the manufacture and supply of superior plumbing fittings.

It also verifies that Sanbra Fyffe’s INSTANTOR® Press System conforms to EN ISO 21003, the defining standard and benchmark manufacturers strive to achieve in multilayer piping and press systems.

Following two years of intensive product development and testing, the INSTANTOR® Press System underwent a rigorous and thorough certification audit with the NSAI. The successful culmination resulted in the NSAI granting licence number 1.153.001 for International Standard EN ISO 21003 to Sanbra Fyffe.

Commenting on the success, Noel Conroy, Commercial Manager at Sanbra Fyffe, said, “This is a great achievement for the company. Sanbra Fyffe are the only Irish company to be awarded a licence for this standard by the NSAI.

“The industry has many similar product offerings that claim to be manufactured to the standard, but are not necessarily certified to the standard by a recognised Standards body. With our NSAI Certification, Sanbra Fyffe can differentiate completely from the competition.

“The NSAI certificate provides proof for the builder providers, plumbing and heating stores and the plumbing trade as a whole that Sanbra Fyffe’s INSTANTOR® Press

System conforms to the EN Standard while underscoring Sanbra Fyffe’s reputation as the market leading supplier of quality plumbing and heating products in Ireland.”

Noel also paid tribute to his Sanbra Fyffe colleagues involved in achieving the standard and thanked the NSAI for their cooperation with Sanbra Fyffe engineering and quality control staff during the testing and audit process.

Sanbra Fyffe Ltd, part of the Northstone group, is committed to the supply of superior plumbing products, hence the company motto is ‘Quality without compromise’.

The extensive range of plumbing and heating products provided by Sanbra Fyffe include other brands of note, such as TUCSON® pumps, motorised valves and expansion vessels; EIRLINE® taps; IMMERTEC® immersion heaters; SANKEL® central heating chemical treatments; and LEISURE and RANGEMASTER sinks.

A closer look at the certified INSTANTOR® press system

INSTANTOR® PEX-AL-PEX (PE-xB/Al/PE-xB) is a multilayer pipe which combines all the advantages of metal and plastic pipe. The pipe is constructed with a double inner and outer layer of Silane method crosslinked polyethylene PE-xB, then bound by quality adhesive to a longitudinally TIG butt welded 100% oxygen tight aluminium layer. It is this aluminium layer that allows the pipe to maintain its shape after bending. Total hygiene and high corrosion resistance is ensured as fluids come in contact with the inner PE-xB layer only. Available in:

  • Coils – 16mm x 100M, 16 x 500M, 20mm x 100M, 26mm x 50M, 32mm x 50M
  • Insulated Coils – 16mm x 100M, 20mm x 50M, 26mm x 25M, 32mm x 25M

This is a more cost effective pipe system when compared with conventional piping systems in that it requires less fittings than traditional methods. The metal core within the pipe means it can maintain its rigidity under temperature when installed in hot water applications and with noticeably less expansion, an advantage when being used in exposed pipework in central heating systems.

INSTANTOR® Press fittings are manufactured using the same high-grade CW617N brass as Sanbra Fyffe’s market leading range of NSAI certified INSTANTOR® Brass Compression fittings. Each fitting features stainless steel sleeves and two EPDM ‘O’ rings on each connection which, when pressed correctly, delivers a water-tight seal in seconds. Quick to install in three simple steps – Cut, Calibrate & Press, saving on time and costs as less fittings are required when compared with traditional plumbing methods. INSTANTOR® Press fittings are designed for use in sanitary water supply and heating systems and are available in sizes 16mm, 20mm, 26mm and 32mm.

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E: sales@sanbra.ie