Saniflo Sanifloor shower pump now wireless

The Saniflo Sanifloor shower pump range is now available as a wireless product with the new name Sanifloor+.

Designed specifically for areas where floor drainage is an issue and space underneath is very limited, this unique pump both sucks the waste water from the gully and pumps it away.

The wireless models allow for easier installation and facilitates wireless communication between the pump and the shower waste. The gully and drain include a detection system that controls the pump.

Water entering the gully or drain automatically activates the pump through the integrated detection system. The water is then sucked and discharged to the main line.

Sanifloor+ features a powerful shower waste pump and a choice of gully designs so that it can be used to achieve a totally flat floor surface with either a tiled or vinyl wet room floor, depending upon the base surface used and a further third choice of gully works with low level shower trays of just 2cm. The Sanifloor+ can handle the most powerful rain heads and power showers thanks to its higher flow rates.

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