Saniflo ends the year on a Sanicubic XL high

In the first year of sales since its launch the pump has successfully met the requirements of a wide range of applications including hospitality, luxury apartments, leisure, offices, power stations and even off-shore oil rigs.

The Sanicubic XL is Saniflo’s largest lifting station incorporating pioneering vortex technology. The 120-litre unit offers a swift and efficient discharge of large volumes of black waste water from multiple appliances; enabling it to be used in large scale commercial projects.

One of the great benefits of this pump is its ease of installation. The floor-standing unit does not need to be positioned below ground and can therefore simply be placed on the floor ready for connection with no need for expensive or time-consuming excavations. With IP68 rating the Sanicubic XL is fully protected against submersion in water.

Three of the pumps have recently been temporarily installed in a new development of luxury flats in London. Each unit is sited unobtrusively in the basement, which will eventually become an underground garage, and takes the waste from a row of toilet cubicles and shower rooms, which have been erected for the use of the construction workers during the 2-year build phase. The facilities are located on the floor above the basement, which does not yet have drainage infrastructure. All waste is pumped from the XL to existing sewage drains located at street level.

In Chester and Orpington two brand new restaurants – part of the Lounge Group portfolio of eateries – both feature the XLs for waste discharge from the kitchen areas, as well as the ladies and gents bathroom facilities. Jeff Bateman of BGS Gas Services has been using commercial pumps from Saniflo for a number of years. Since the introduction of the XL, however, he believes the large capacity, combined with the vortex technology, make them the ideal units for these particular sites because any chance of clogging is virtually eliminated. The vortex breaks down waste as it enters the pump chamber and then passes through discharge pipework of either 80mm or 100mm width to connect to mains drains located a floor above.

For a gym owner in Dublin it was continuity of service, capacity and after sales support that were the ultimate deal clinchers. The Sanicubic XL was bought to replace a competitive pump that had broken down and with no spares available was unfixable. Saniflo stepped in with a stock XL unit (and a guarantee of readily available spares), which was installed overnight by a plumber. The ability to pump waste – up to 40m³/hour – simultaneously from the showers, sauna and WCs, plus the continuity of operation from 2 x 2kW pumps has enabled the gym to operate efficiently ever since. The XL is located in the underground car park beneath the gym but is still able to pump up to 100m along and 10m up to meet the mains drains at street level.

Further units have been installed at power stations, off-shore oil rigs and office premises highlighting their flexibility and versatility to work in places that would otherwise struggle to discharge waste via traditional means. The Sanicubic XL is both robust and durable and is manufactured using the highest quality material to ensure it can adapt to the most demanding work conditions.

Ann Boardman, Customer Services and Marketing Manager for Saniflo UK, says: “We’re really pleased with the success the Sanicubic XL has achieved in just a year. The Sanicubic XL really meets the need in the commercial market for a versatile pump which is robust and hardworking and can offer great design flexibility with the minimum of hassle and ease of maintenance.”