Saturn Heating – Spreading the Word across Ireland

This new approach has allowed the firm to bring its stainless steel oil boiler solution to every corner of Ireland. A combination of well-known merchants and specially trained Saturn installers (as showcased on the map opposite) means Saturn Heating can offer dedicated servicing, maintenance and spare parts throughout Ireland with exceptional response time for home-owners.Saturn_Ireland_Map

Through its network of merchants, the firm has been able to hold several breakfast mornings around the country which have showcased the energy-saving attributes of the NHC Stainless Steel boiler along with the long service life it also boasts. According to Saturn Heating, when plumbers are looking for a top quality product it is important they have the opportunity to learn about Saturn Heating NHC Stainless Steel Oil Boilers. “It’s also important for us that merchants throughout Ireland become part of the Saturn Heating family to bring this product to all plumbers,” says Stephen Duffy, Saturn Heating Technologies.

“It is quite incredible when you think that most of the condensing oil boilers on the market today use a combination of mild steel and stainless steel to produce their heat exchangers,” Stephen continues. “All condensing boilers produce a condensate or vapour that is highly corrosive and so not generally suited to mild steel. The Saturn NHC uses an all stainless steel high efficiency heat exchanger that is designed to handle the corrosive condensate. The NHC is also the only boiler to include a neutralising filter and trap to treat the corrosive condensate.”

The resulting NHC condensing oil boiler range is like no other oil boiler on the market. Saturn Heating Technologies is confident that the NHC range will deliver a long service life, save Irish home-owners money and inspire people to think about this type of product before they have one installed in their home. The NHC Boiler uses an all stainless steel condensing heat exchanger, the only one of its kind available on the market today. Saturn NHC condensing oil boilers also have intuitive controls that can be remotely located in the home to allow simple and energy-efficient management of the boiler and its controls. The company is currently planning to launch its new outdoor version and bring its exceptional build quality to the outdoor model.

This more aesthetically pleasing solution brings consistency across the Saturn brand with all of its solutions finished to the highest standard, reflecting the build quality on the inside, on the outside. The outdoor Saturn NHC Stainless Steel Oil Boiler will be available through Saturn’s merchant network in Q2, 2016.

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