Sealed system expansion vessels with performance

Here, Mark Mogey, OEM National Sales Manager for Altecnic, looks at the important role of expansion vessels and highlights the advantages of the Robokit range, including the new Altecnic Compact.

The range now incorporates the Robokit Compact, that has been specifically designed for installation in limited spaces where the physical size of the vessel is key.

Thanks to the unique Quattro fitting, Altecnic’s Robokit Compact has even more siting options as it allows for both left or right installation. In addition, the Robokit Compact offers a range of flat vessels from 8-18Litre with a purpose-made assembly to allow for optimum space saving.

A sealed system expansion vessel is designed to accommodate water that is expanding within the sealed heating system and Altecnic is a market leader for these products.

Sealed systems are one of the most commonly installed types of central heating systems now used within the industry and, thanks to Altecnic’s product range, you can find the right solution for every project.

With a good system design, along with the appropriate quality of installation and components selection, system efficiency can be achieved which benefit the home-owner. Altecnic even offers a FREE vessel sizing calculator to help ensure efficient design.

Other key benefits of the Altecnic range include:

  • System flexibility – With flexible siting options, Altecnic Robokits allow the installer to site the expansion vessel and components in the optimum location.
  • Cost savings – With a Robokit Extra, all the components you require are provided in an easy-to-install kit format that provide labour/time saving.
  • No feed and expansion tank – Issues of pumping-over, wasted water and the risk of freezing up in uninsulated lofts are avoided.
  • Compliant – Altecnic provides professional installers with products that meet (if not exceed) installation requirements. Altecnic Robokits consist of all of the necessary components which are compliant with water regulations, such as WRAS or CE safety requirements.

For your free vessel sizing calculator or for more information on the Altecnic range, contact (RoI) Chris Reilly, Country Manager, on 00353 85 2152288 or e-mail or Gary Swann, Northern Ireland Sales Manager, on 07760 596727 or e-mail Alternatively, visit the website at