SENSTEC – is BIM ready

In this article focusing on Classic Marble’s Senstec range, Christoper Hackett highlights how the company has made life easier for architects and specifiers

Classic Marble (Showers) Ltd has again showcased the company’s commitment to continuous improvement by ensuring that the new Senstec Anti-Slip Shower Tray range is BIM Level 2 ready as well as offering an accredited CPD presentation.

Recognising that architects are among the most important members of any design team, Classic Marble has prepared a RIBA-accredited CPD Module – ‘Senstec Anti-Slip Shower Tray’ – which RIBA has added to its core curriculum.

The module focuses on Anti-Slip shower trays and gives a clear insight into current legislation, an explanation of what is currently on the market, the two most widely used methods of testing, and the advantages and disadvantages associated with each.

The CPD module will help architects to make informed choices when specifying Anti-Slip shower trays with the following learning outcomes:

  • An understanding of the two main methods of Slip Measurement.
  • An understanding of whether the Anti-Slip properties are part of the shower tray design, or an applied coating after manufacture.
  • An understanding of any limitations the Anti-Slip properties may have on the shower tray guarantee.
  • An understanding of whether the slip resistance values consider likely contaminants found in the shower tray, such as soap suds.

In addition to the CPD module, models in .rvt format are now available from or from the National BIM Library to meet the requirements of BIM Level 2. These elements are helping to educate and inform the industry about the award-winning Senstec range.

The result of four years’ extensive industry experience and product development by Classic Marble, this highly engineered, 36mm tall, anti-slip shower tray is available in rectangle, offset quadrant, quadrant and square formats. It is suitable for all bathroom applications and was created not only to meet but also to push the boundaries of existing legislation. As such, Senstec is tested to British and German standards whose anti-slip properties are guaranteed for the lifetime of the tray.

The use of innovative tooling design ensures that Senstec’s anti-slip properties are integrated during the manufacturing process, ensuring slip resistance for the lifetime of the shower tray and making Senstec the most technically advanced shower tray on the market.

This market-leading technology will help prevent slips in a wet, soapy, barefoot environment, yet is comfortable to stand on and is easily cleaned.

Classic Marble worked closely with Invest NI and the University of Ulster, Jordanstown, on the development of the Senstec range, and the result of this attention to detail has been the development of an innovative, precision-engineered, anti-slip shower tray.

For more information on Senstec or to register your interest in a RIBA CPD, contact Classic Marble:

T: 0044 (0) 28 8556 8081