SharkBite solves Solv Group emergency

With a boiler failure on the coldest day of the year at Solv Group’s Belfast headquarters, the company needed a swift solution to get it back in operation as quickly as possible. As mechanical, electrical and environmental services experts, Solv Group had the expertise – and industry contacts – to solve the problem quickly and opted for a new Worcester Bosch boiler along with the new SharkBite range.
“It is a great endorsement of SharkBite to have a company as successful as Solv Group selecting this product,” explained Garth Walsh, Product Manager, Northern Ireland, for Reliance Worldwide Corporation (UK) Ltd. “Solv Group was one of the first companies to recognise the advantages of using SharkBite so it is great to see them follow this through by using it at their own offices.”
Stephen Kane, Managing Director of Solv Group, said it was a simple choice.
“We’ve been using SharkBite on both domestic and commercial projects, so when we had issues with our own boiler it was an obvious choice,” he said. “The time element is a major factor and SharkBite is simple and easy to use. The fact that you don’t need hot work permits is also a major advantage from a health and safety and insurance perspective. Overall, SharkBite ticks all the right boxes.”ù
Solv Group has led the way with introducing SharkBite into domestic and commercial projects and the success the company has enjoyed is reflective of a growing trend within the industry for contractors to opt for this push-fit solution.

Contractors, specifiers, architects and installers alike have been experiencing the benefits of SharkBite -the world’s most versatile, easy to fit, secure and watertight brand of push-fit plumbing fittings and valves.
This innovative range is suitable for a wide range of applications within both hot and cold water systems in domestic and commercial projects. The key reason behind this success is its versatility, with SharkBite offering the plumbing solution for any installation with just one range of fittings required for four types of pipe!
All the valves are fully demountable and can be reused instantly, further reducing time, cost and waste during installations or when making repairs or extending a SharkBite system.
Once pushed into the fitting, the sharp stainless steel teeth of the internal grab ring bite into the pipe, gripping it tightly and never letting go. The specially formulated material of the O-ring compresses to create a perfect water tight seal. With no solder, flux or heat required, SharkBite is ideal for use in listed buildings or sites where flamed jointing is not permitted.

Stuart Harron, RWC’s Regional Sales Manager for Ireland, concluded, “We are delighted with how well SharkBite has been received in the plumbing and heating industry and are building on that success all the time.
“We were always confident SharkBite would impact on the industry and we are working hard to highlight the benefits of this range.”

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Garth Walsh, Product Manager, Northern Ireland, on (NI) 07881 274917
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