Simplicity is the key with Altecnic TRVs

This ensures maximum efficiency while, at the same time, protecting vulnerable people, including children.
An unbalanced system is inefficient and causes component wear, so being able to control flow rates and temperatures and to balance the system correctly is essential.

For larger systems, pre-settable TRVs are available. To suit all installation needs, Altecnic has a range of models in its portfolio, with the Ecocal family offering 15mm, 10mm and 8mm versions and featuring A-rated anti-theft sensing heads. These brass TRVs with a chrome-plated finish are particularly ideal for use in conventional twin pipe heating systems where the level of temperature control needs to be more accurate than is available through a manually-operated valve.
Perfect for 21st Century living, the Ecocal TRVs are not only easy to install and adjust, but they look great too with their perfect white outer controls. Featuring a fully reversible body, the valves also incorporate a liquid-filled element that delivers the accuracy you would expect from a quality product. Giving the end-user total control over their heating needs,

Altecnic TRVs can be set to limit the adjustment range between 0 and the higher setting (maximum ambient temperature available is 0°C to 30°C).

Another useful feature is a 7°C frost setting within the valve’s temperature range, which allows the radiator to come on when the temperature drops to a level where freezing pipes might be a problem. Convenience is also ensured through a positive off position – which means there is no need to drain the heating system to remove the radiator for decorating – and an economy setting which allows the valve to be set for adjustment between specific settings.
Any system with TRVs installed should have an automatic Differential Bypass Valve (DBV) fitted, available from Altecnic, especially systems working with variable flow rates. Building regulations state that
an upgraded system must have pump control to prevent pump strain, and a DBV takes pump overrun into account when TRVs are shut or shutting down.

For more information on the Altecnic range of thermostatic radiator valves, contact Chris Reilly, Country Manager, on (NI) 07825 393605 or (RoI) 0044 7825 393605, e-mail or visit