Smart waste-water solutions

Now available from Ideal Energy, Stuart Turner's Wasteflo Macerators offer a clean and simple way to remove waste water...

Super-slim macerators, suitable for converting any area into a simple toilet or a complete en-suite.

Maximising the use of space within many properties often requires the installation of toilets and hand basins in locations where a gravity flow to the soil pipe is impractical or impossible. These problems can be solved by Stuart Turner’s innovative Wasteflo range of macerators, which are available from main distributors, Ideal Energy.

Making the best use of the space available when undertaking a property refurbishment often calls for a creative approach. None more so than when planning to use a space where either a gravity flow of waste water to the main soil pipe is not possible, or in a situation where running waste pipes along internal walls is impractical and unsightly.

Common examples include the creation of a toilet, shower room or utility room in a basement, installing an en-suite bathroom some distance from the outside drain, or fitting a toilet in the space under the stairs. Many of these challenges can be overcome simply and effectively with Stuart Turner’s innovative, easy to install Wasteflo range of macerators.

Super-slim Wasteflo macerators fit neatly behind the WC and allow the cistern to be fixed directly to the wall, often without the use of battens. They automatically reduce waste to a liquid form and pump it away to the soil pipe. Each model can pump vertically up to 5 metres or horizontally up to 52 metres depending on the diameter of the waste outlet pipework used.

Wasteflo macerators feature an inverted helical vortex pump and cutting blades, which greatly reduces the chances of blockage. A watertight cassette system houses the electrical and mechanical pump components. This allows for clean and easy access without having to remove the toilet or pipework when servicing or maintaining the unit. Another innovative feature is the height adjustable toilet pan connection.

This eliminates the frequent need to ‘raise up’ either the macerator or toilet to ensure that the spigot on the toilet aligns accurately with the connector on the macerator.

The waste outlet connector also features an easy-fit adaptor suitable for use with either 22mm, 28mm or 32mm diameter waste pipe. This greatly simplifies the replacement of an old macerator unit where the existing pipework cannot easily be replaced.

The Wasteflo WC-1 features a single inlet connection for a WC only, whilst the WC-2 and WC-3 models feature one and two additional waste inlets respectively. These can be used to connect a hand basin in the case of the WC-2, or a hand basin and a shower in the case of the WC-3. They utilise ‘nut and cone’ fittings rather than metal jubilee clips which corrode and are difficult to clean. Flexibility is further enhanced with the inclusion of inlet adaptors, which enable connection to 32mm (1¼”) or 40mm (1½”) diameter pipework.

The WC 4C macerator unit is designed specifically for use with ‘wall-hung’ and ‘back-to-wall’ toilets. Sharing the unique features of the rest of the range, the WC 4C can be installed completely out of sight behind a wall structure or stud partition.

As with all Stuart Turner pump solutions, Wasteflo macerators offer tried and tested engineering designed and built to the highest standards of quality, innovation and reliability. All Wasteflo products are standards approved, CE compliant and are supplied with a two-year warranty.

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