Heat is on with Solfex underfloor heating range

The company’s extensive underfloor heating range is no exception, with systems designed to suit every floor construction – from your traditional staple and screed systems to highly efficient aluminium heat plate systems ideally suited to suspended floors.

The patent-pending WARM-BOARD system from SOLFEX is an innovative floating floor solution which uses a high density dry screed board and a multifunctional end support which acts as both a pipe retainer and return.

The WARM-BOARD end support features multiple fixing and snapping points, allowing it to adapt to the size you need and maximise the heat emission area. Available in thicknesses of 15mm and 18mm, WARM-BOARD is one of the thinnest systems on the market, making it ideal for retrofit installations where floor height comes at a premium. Best of all, WARM-BOARD offers a quick, one-man installation workflow, thanks to its modular components and simple fixing.

SOLFEX has recently introduced its own range of electric underfloor heating solutions – the SOLFEX Undertile Heating Mat, which is the perfect solution for bathroom and en suite installations; the Underwood Heater, which is ideally suited for installation directly under a finished hardwood or laminate floor; and an Underfloor Heating Cable, based on the same technology as the heating mat, for more complex room layouts. The SOLFEX electric underfloor heating range is focused on being quick and easy to install and features a market-leading lifetime warranty scheme.

In addition to having systems to suit any floor construction, SOLFEX offers manifolds that are built to last.

If there is a demand for heat within that relevant zone the manifold evenly distributes the primary warm heating water from your boiler, heat pump, buffer tank or thermal store into each underfloor heating circuit. SOLFEX Underfloor heating manifolds are available from 2-12 ports and are manufactured from high-grade 304 stainless steel.

Installation and commissioning couldn’t be any simpler. Isolation valves are provided on both flow and return and each individual circuit can also be isolated without disruption to the balancing setting. In addition, the manifold also incorporates a wall-mounting bracket, in-built air bleeding vents and drain off valves. SOLFEX mixer packs are also built to the same standard and have recently been updated to include the new high efficiency Grunfos UPM3-Auto 25/70 pump, as standard, for lower energy use and running cost.

No underfloor heating system would be complete without the ability to manage the room temperature, but often traditional thermostats could be described as ugly and clunky.

SOLFEX thermostats that are refreshingly different, with full featured programmable modes which are operated via a simple interface. The majority of SOLFEX room thermostats are designed to be flush mounted, resulting in a slim profile on the wall after installation.

These slimline thermostat models have proven highly popular because of their ease of use and the SOLFEX Neo option is the preferred choice for those looking to control their heating system from their smart phone. Thermostats are available for 230v, 12v and wireless setups, with SOLFEX also offering a range of easy to install wiring centres to accompany the controls and allow multi-zone control.

As experts in underfloor heating, the team at SOLFEX are always more than happy to help with any technical queries you may have. For SOLFEX this service is very much about how the company can make your installation as smooth as possible and, as part of this, SOLFEX offers a fully indemnified design and CAD service which includes underfloor heating designs according to BS EN 1264. Professional CAD drawings will also be supplied with every system detailing all circuit information and manifold positions.

For customers specifying their own systems, SOLFEX also caters for customers looking for a solid supply of components, with a huge range of manifolds, mixer packs, controls, actuators, multilayer pipe, fittings and accessories in stock.

If you would like more information on how SOLFEX can help you with your next underfloor heating installation, call 01772 312847, e-mail underfloorheating@solfex.co.uk or visit www.solfex.co.uk