Superior quality at the right price from Altecnic

Excessive air within a system can cause rust and pump damage to say nothing of excessive noise, reducing the accuracy of control valves and the performance of heating and cooling equipment. One of the most important functions of Caleffi AAVs is to release air as the system is being filled with water and then automatically isolating, preventing water loss and wastage from the system.

Caleffi’s AAVs, including the market-leading RoboCal, are WRAS approved products. Although it is a badge of quality, WRAS approval clearly demonstrates compliance with the Water Supply (Water Fittings) Regulations or Scottish Byelaws because it is granted directly by representatives of the water suppliers and is, therefore, accepted by every major water supplier.

AAVs are typically installed on sealed systems and enable air to be vented with minimal hassle for the installer when commissioning or the user as part of routine maintenance. From the installer’s point of view, not only does the AAV reduce the need for manual venting while commissioning (ie filling) a new system but it also minimises the hassle from call-backs to site. Furthermore, Altecnic AAVs are available in a wide range of sizes, from 3/8” to DN150 and are easy to fit with screwed and fast-fit compression versions.

AAVs are not to be confused with air separators. Separators can be fitted directly next to a boiler and they remove air by forcing it into larger bubbles that can then be removed by an AAV. The skill is to site an AAV where it will do the most good, and this is where Altecnic provides the options and solutions that make this easy for installers.

As one of the pioneers in the market, Altecnic produces AAVs that have been tried and tested in commercial and industrial applications with a long track record of success. Commenting on the range, Mark Mogey, National Sales Manager, said, “Altecnic AAVs are a high quality, easy-to-fit solution to reducing the time it takes to commission a sealed system. Additionally, they cut down on potential call-backs to site and make a system faster to service in the future. All of this is backed by Altecnic’s market-leading service and by approved, accredited products.”

For more information, contact Chris Reilly, Country Manager, on (NI) 07825 393 605 or (RoI) 0044 7825 393 605