Surge Renewables becomes an Ariston Service Partner

Leading heat pump installers Surge Renewables are pleased to announce they are now an Ariston Service Partner. The renewable energy consultancy firm based in Antrim is dedicated to providing domestic and commercial customers with access to renewable energy solutions and this partnership with the global expert in water heating and thermal comfort offers a whole range of benefits. These include an up to 10-year warranty on Air Source Heat Pumps and the peace of mind of having the best appliances serviced by authorised installers.

“Surge Renewables is delighted to be working with such a strong brand and looking forward to expanding this partnership,” commented Surge Renewables Managing Director Andrew Sands. “Ariston has trusted us to be their Service Partner as they believe in our reputation to ensure installers are fully trained and familiarised with the products.”

Andrew explained the company is not only going to sell Ariston heat pumps but is also building a “Centre of Excellence” with the appliances plumbed in to offer quality hands-on training for newly launched products. The Surge Renewables team will design the system and commission the appliances, and the company will be happy to welcome installers from all over Northern Ireland and ROI to forge relationships with them, build a network and help them build their own business. 

“Heat pump technology is advancing and we want to help installers on their journey,” Andrew commented. “We want to offer them support before, during the installation and afterwards.” 

Surge Renewables will also provide servicing and support for Ariston products. “We are going to monitor customer feedback and provide assistance after the install, to ensure the heat pumps are operating at their maximum efficiency,” Andrew said.

Performance and comfort

As an Ariston Service Partner, Surge Renewables focuses specifically on four heat pump models. The Nimbus Pocket M Net R32 (3.5kW – 15kW) air/water heat pump is one of the most efficient and durable heating solutions, as it was designed to offer particularly high performance in the most extreme conditions. It features eco-friendly refrigerant R32, low noise levels and remote management with the Ariston NET app.

Surge Renewables also offers the Nimbus Compact M Net R32 (3.5kW – 15kW), a floor-standing air-to-water monobloc heat pump for heating, cooling and water heating. This ultra-compact indoor unit is 600x600mm, with an integrated 180L cylinder and an enlarged coil. Its updated Energy Manager 2.0 ensures higher energy savings and low-noise stable performance.

The Nimbus Plus M Net R32 features an A+++ efficiency rating and guarantees maximum silence in all operating modes. This ultra-compact indoor unit is 600x358mm and can also be bundled with the heat pump and water heater Nuos Plus WiFi 250l for the production of domestic hot water.

All of the products in the Nimbus Net R32 heat pump range provide top performances with COPs up to 5.1 and maximum flexibility as they can be used in cascade to cover every need. 

The Nuos Plus Wi-Fi cylinder heat pump and water heater is available in 200l and 250l and is the ideal solution for energy-efficient hot water requirements with renewable technology. It offers the shortest water heating time in its category and its high-quality insulation keeps the water hot for a long period of time, saving even more on energy bills up to 80% compared to a traditional hot water cylinder of the same capacity.

Renewable energy solutions

Surge Renewables was founded in 2022 by MD Andrew Sands and he is proud to say the business has enjoyed rapid growth. With over 20 years’ experience in the NI Energy sector working with both domestic and large corporate customers, Andrew has a real passion for renewable energy and helping clients reduce their environmental footprint. His team of highly knowledgeable experts can provide the best advice on the installation of solar panels, heat pumps or other renewable energy solutions.