Technical support is just part of the Bassetts service

Extensive range of innovative products makes it easier to find the right solutions

Leading bathroom and plumbing specialist, Bassetts, prides itself on high levels of service, and that is reflected in the technical support received by customers. With every project requiring even higher levels of energy efficiency, the renewables sector continues to flourish while contractors also continue to look for new innovations to improve ease-of- installation and effectiveness for end- users.

However, within this fast-changing sector, more and more contractors require information and advice they can rely on. That is where the technical team at Bassetts makes a difference. Offering a wide range of services, including estimating and technical support, the team provides options on the best solutions for a project. Whether it is in the domestic or commercial sectors, these all-important factors are essential when pricing for work.

“We are here to provide as much support as possible to our customers,” explained Matthew Gilpin, Technical Sales Manager. “The industry is changing all the time, with new products being added to our stock range, so it can be hard to keep up. We do our best to keep customers informed and give them the tools to help their clients make the right decisions.”

The team at Bassetts is finding that energy efficiency continues to be in demand regardless of what type of project. However, the most important aspect is matching the right solution with the right project.

“Everyone wants their plumbing and heating system to be as energy efficient as possible,” added Matthew. “As we have such a vast array of products, finding that solution is a lot easier and allows us to offer a complete package. “It is all about finding the right balance between the needs of the project and the client’s budget. Heat pumps are a good example. With new build homes being better insulated, this technology has become more popular in recent years, so we try to offer advice on sizing to ensure the system is as efficient as possible. You can also add on systems such as under floor heating and then smart controls, all of which perfectly complement a heat pump.

“But that is just one example of how we work closely with contractors to give them options which they can bring to their client. It’s all about teamwork.”

The technical support service is available through any of the company’s 16 branches across Northern Ireland and it perfectly enhances the knowledge and expertise of the trade counter teams.

T: 0044 (0)28 3833 9438.