The new Terrier offers more bite!

“Installers rely on their reputation and quality of service to meet their customer’s expectations,” said George McGuire, Area Sales Manager, Pegler Yorkshire. “We are the leaders in TRV technology with over 20 million of our Terrier branded products already fitted. By using our wealth of experience and state of the art manufacturing facility in Yorkshire, we have now evolved our most iconic brand to help deliver on customer’s needs and drive even higher the realisation that energy savings can just be a simple turn away.”

The areas in which the new Terrier TRV differs are design, operation and performance. Design wise, the product is a flawless slim profile which alters the airflow to an active air flow vent system whereby the elongated open vents along the body are now enclosed in favour of open vents on top.

Tests have shown that this provides a much more efficient flow of air because of the focused air chamber. In addition, the body has been manufactured in a bright white colour with a larger easy grip and easy care surface finish. To accent the design, a feature chrome trim has been added while a clear colour temperature window provides high contrast icons and intuitive colour coded settings.

The operation of the product has been radically altered to provide a more intuitive low friction mechanism which offers effortless turning. The temperature settings have been designed to be more sensitive providing a ‘jump to setting’ operation ensuring tenants can be assured the valve is working to the exact setting they choose. In addition, the thermal head incorporates an ECO touch indicator, ideal for those with visual impairments.

Performance is enhanced by a pure copper element which provides a faster response to temperature changes – 6% quicker than a plated element. The Active Air Flow system draws room temperature air through discrete side vents up around the copper element. The flow of warm air rises effortlessly through the unobscured and protected element and out through the vents on top.

Pegler Yorkshire has also developed a quick guide to ‘getting the most out of your TRV’. This guide has been streamlined to ensure readers are able to get to grips with their new valve from the onset. It gives a brief overview on the operation of the product and average comfort level settings which are also displayed pictorially. Each new Terrier TRV has one of these guides around the neck of the valve to encourage home owners to digest the information before they start to use them.

T: (NI/RoI) George McGuire, Area Sales Manager, on 0044 (0)7912 406 101 or or Billy Ritchie on 0044 (0)7734 401 976 or  or visit