The smart answer to rising heating costs

Research by reichelt highlights how smart solutions can be the answer to rising heating costs.

New research from reichelt elektronik shows that home-owners believe insufficient insulation, leading to heat bridges, is the primary cause of high heating costs.

A total of 42% of UK home-owners and renters believe their heating costs are high or very high and 27% are taking steps to reduce their energy bills this winter.

Heat bridges or heat leaks, even in new builds, caused by poor insulation are the main culprit for heat loss in homes, wasting energy and driving up costs. 33% of UK residents experience this in their homes. Additional causes for high costs include:

  • No optimum regulation of temperature in individual rooms (22%)
  • Outdated heaters (16%)
  • Personal negligence (16%)

These findings suggest that smart heating solutions would be a beneficial solution, with thermostats to control heating systems in each room. Smart home technology allows users to adjust the heating in their home easily and remotely from a mobile device, meaning if they forget to turn the heating off when they leave the house for example, it can be done from their smartphone.

Staying warm during the colder months and being able to afford the increase in energy bills is of particular concern, especially to older generations. 37% have already taken measures to keep the bills down.

Improving insulation was the most popular course of action (46%), followed by renovating windows and/or doors (30%). 22% either have or are considering simpler solutions such as installing smart heating technology, which has been proven to contribute to reduced heating costs. 46% of Brits have reduced their bills with smart heating solutions.

Jan Pakusa, Product Manager for Power Supplies, Test & Measurement at reichelt elektronik advises, “Home-owners can get the insulation of their property tested using thermal imaging cameras, which show exactly where the heat is escaping to the outside. Not only are signs of aging responsible for escaping heat, such as cracks in the building, but insufficient insulation on roller shutters or doors can lead to unwanted heat loss, even in new buildings. This causes energy wastage and unwanted higher costs.”

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*Research of 1,000 UK adults conducted by OnePoll in November 2017. OnePoll are members of ESOMAR and employ members of the MRS. Specific data available on request.