Super service at Thermoparts Ltd

A true success story to come out of the recession, Thermoparts was set up in 2011 by Glenn Clabby. Now in its sixth year, the company has defied all expectation to become a supplier synonymous with quality and customer service.

Experience amongst staff members isn’t in short supply at Thermoparts. Glenn worked for 13 years for a builders’ merchants in town and before that he worked for another building material provider for four years.

“David worked in the sector for 10 years before joining Thermoparts. Greg was 13 years with a company in the sector before joining us, Alan was about 11 years selling heating and plumbing products before coming to us and our driver probably has around 15 years’ experience in this sector as well.” The company delivers all over Leinster but has gone as far afield as Limerick and Cavan.

“Really, we’re all over Ireland. If that’s what the customer needs, then that’s what we’ll do,” added Glenn.

Deliveries are free of charge and if an order comes in before 12pm, delivery will be made before 12pm the next day. If it’s after 12pm, it’ll be after 12pm the next day but, according to Glenn, the customer will generally receive their delivery more often than not on the same day that they place the order.

“Guys often ring us and say they need something delivered in an hour, so there’s a lot of that as well. At 4.30pm every day we put all the deliveries on the board downstairs in order of the times they’re to be delivered. Our driver can’t deviate from that list and must deliver in that order. That gives certainty to our customers.”

Thermoparts Ltd, Unit F10 Riverview Business Park, Nangor Road, Clondalkin, Dublin 12
T: (RoI) 01456 9930 or (NI) 00353 01456 9930

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