Tiny to take on Rob Roy way for charity

The Bangor branch manager will be joined by friends David Hunter, Michael Craig and Simon Dupree as they take on the Rob Roy Way from Drymen to Pitlochry to raise money for Helping Hand charity which helps the Royal Victoria Hospital for Sick Children.

Tiny commented, “My foster son John was sick a few years ago and Helping Hands and Royal Victoria Hospital made a real difference so I promised to do what I could to support them. I did a solo walk two years ago to raise money for them and now I’m looking forward to taking on the challenge again, but this time with some friends to keep me company.” The walk follows the tracks and paths used by Rob Roy MacGregor in the 17th and 18th centuries as he worked, fought and lived the life of Scotland’s most notorious outlaw. Tiny and the team – known as Us Three and Dupree – will take on the challenge over five days, starting on June 11.

To donate visit www.justgiving.com/fundraising/usthreeanddupree