Training moves online for lockdown

Baxi Heating talk adapting to the new norm and #LockdownLearning...

Baxi online training.

Lockdown has meant we have had to do things very differently to the norm – and training has been no exception”, explains Graham Collins, Training Support Manager at Baxi. “For the past few years we have been running very successful weekly training videos called #TrainingTuesday. Each Tuesday at noon, installers would wait for us to post our next video on social media where one of our trainers would share hints and tips. Feedback from installers showed that these bite-size training courses imparted valuable information in a format they really liked. Even better, they could watch them in the time it took to boil a kettle for their morning cuppa.

“When the coronavirus crisis took hold and lockdown was imposed, we had to close the doors to our training centres. However, we still had a loyal following of installers on social media – and we didn’t want to abandon them. So, we started our #LockdownLearning videos. With more time on their hands, we found that installers were happy to watch slightly longer training videos. In our own homes and using rudimentary filming equipment (our mobile phones!) we made a series of training videos about boiler electrics in response to changes effective from July 2020 to ACS assessment or re-assessment. The series includes several videos on how to use a multimeter correctly to test the components in a boiler; basic electrical safety checks; and how and when to use various electrical testing equipment.

“We also introduced #BurningQuestions on social media, inviting installers to post questions they’ve always been meaning to ask but never had the opportunity. Our trainers then recorded answers and the videos were posted on our social media channels.

“And we haven’t forgotten our commercial customers, with a series of live online product training sessions on Andrews Water Heaters range of condensing water heaters and Potterton Commercial wall hung and floor standing high efficiency boilers. Each 90 minute session is restricted to eight people and affords plenty of opportunity for real time questions. To enable building services professionals to continue to develop their knowledge and keep their CPD record up to date, we have also taken our CIBSE- accredited CPD seminar series online.

“The free seminars include: ‘Bespoke prefabricated heating solutions’, ‘Heat Networks’, ‘Maximising CHP efficiency and savings’, and ‘Commercial and Industrial Hot Water Generation Design Principles’. Further CPDs are in development. We may be starting to take our first tentative steps back to normality after lockdown but the popularity of our online training has set a precedent that is likely to feature in our future training offer.”

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