Turco meets the needs of the installer


With over 35 years of experience in the plumbing and heating trade, Geordie knows a thing or two about boilers. In his estimation Turco represents everything he is looking for in an oil boiler.

“They are reliable, dependable, straightforward to install, and they’re a local brand,” he explained.

Geordie has been buying Turco boilers consistently now for more than a decade from Bassetts in Portadown. In his estimation he has installed hundreds of Turco boilers and remarked, “I wouldn’t want to use anything else, it’s only Turco for me.”

Among the features he admired he highlighted the Bentone BF1 burner.

“A 5-year warranty on a burner? Sure you can’t beat that!”

The Swedish manufacturer, Geordie believes, has produced the most reliable burner on the market. Furthermore, he was reassured by Turco’s deeply felt commitment to customer care, and has developed good working relationships with Turco’s own engineers.

Karl has been asking installers all over the Island to #TakeATurco and he was cheered by Geordie’s commitment to the boiler range.

“It’s great to hear from installers like Geordie who are positively evangelistic about Turco, he epitomises the spirit of the brand. We’re a family run local company focused on quality, reliability and service,” said Karl. “We’re proud to have Geordie installing our boilers and we want to hear those stories from the Turco faithful. When men like Geordie are telling other plumbers, who are either just starting out or have been on-the-tools for years, to ‘get down to Bassetts and take a Turco’ that’s what really builds the Turco name.”

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