Unical XC-K ticks all the right boxes

Italian manufacturer’s condensing boilers are tried and trusted says C&F Quadrant...

The popularity of the Unical XC-K oil condensing boiler continues to grow across Ireland. C&F Quadrant has an exclusive distribution agreement with Unical to distribute the leading Italian manufacturer’s range of commercial boilers across Ireland.

Technical Services Manager at C&F Quadrant, Michael Clarke commented, “Unical is a tried and trusted name and we are delighted to see the number of installations of the Unical XC-K oil condensing boiler continue to grow. “There is a lot of interest in this boiler and we are confident we will see it become a highly popular addition to our portfolio.” As a large water content, stainless steel, condensing boiler, Unical XC-K is available in 12 different models (from 85 to 1470kw) and is an excellent choice when, for installation reasons, it is necessary to use a large water content condensing boiler.

The metals used for the boiler are of very high quality, with the outer shell manufactured using high-resistance carbon steel. The tube bundle is self- cleaning, thanks to the natural washout that the condensate produces for gravity. The Unical product offers very high saving and seasonal efficiency, thanks to the adoption of fan-assisted modulating burners and to the hydraulic connection, prearranged for two return connections (high/low temperature).

The special (Patented) stainless steel smoke pipes, with three inside sectors of aluminium fins, increase the heat exchange from the smokes towards the water. (Stainless Steel smoke pipe INOX AISI 316 L (D. 57 mm) with special multiradial insert AISI 304 and Turbolator INOX AISI 304)

With extreme winter weather becoming more regular across Ireland customers can take confidence from the fact that the Unical range is already proven across Europe in some of the harshest environments, including Siberia. Speaking after installing the first Unical XC-K oil condensing boiler in Northern Ireland last year, Damian Lynn from John Lynn Plumbing & Heating explained why the XC-K was the right choice.

“Energy efficiency was the key factor in this project and the Unical XC-K ticked all the right boxes.

“ We have worked closely with C&F Quadrant in the past and we have always found them to be a knowledgeable and reliable supplier.”

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