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The Coronavirus crisis has revealed the good in people, but also that there are plenty of folk still struggling to grasp the concept of social distancing. We’ve all seen it in shops, with the vast majority staying a safe distance, and then one or two wandering around as if they don’t have a concern in the world. This approach has implications for our industry.

Many people were putting off jobs, even emergencies, but when it got a bit cooler a few weeks ago the phones started to ring again. Despite explaining social distancing and safety measures on the phone or in an email before heading to the job, I’ve heard plenty of examples of customers still standing too close, looking to chat and bringing over cups of tea. It a nice touch we all used to appreciate, but not now. Instead, it puts us in a very awkward position. Nobody feels comfortable telling a customer to back off, and yet we have to consider the safety of not just ourselves, but our families. We have to think of what we could potentially be bringing home after the work is finished.

It’s very easy these days to get drawn into all things Covid-19. It can make us seem like depressing sorts. So, I’d prefer to end as I started, by talking about the good in people. From the guy who sold gas parts he found in his shed to raise funds for the Galway Simon Community, to members who have donated vital PPE equipment to the medical services, there have been countless examples from our industry that renew your faith in humanity. I, for one, am proud of everyone’s efforts.

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