Vokera by Riello unveils new look

“Vokèra is a leading boiler manufacturer within the UK and Ireland but few people are aware that we are also part of the larger Riello Group,” comments Neil Mattock, Marketing Director at Vokèra. “Riello is a renowned global brand in the HVAC sector. Combining the heritage of Vokèra and Riello creates a stronger presence and reinforces the Vokèra commitment to product quality and reliability”.

The refreshed brand logo brings the two names together via the ‘By Riello’ tagline, creating a new identity and perception for Vokèra, integrating the strong values, reputation and leading technology of Riello.

Riello Group has owned Vokèra for over 15 years, benefitting from the company’s leading market position and resources. With 14 international companies and eight representative offices, with customers in over 60 countries, Riello Group includes the Beretta, Thermital, Fontecal, Sylber, as well as the Vokèra brand.

Neil continues, “Every brand must evolve and develop, adapting to changes within the market. This new branding represent a natural evolution for Vokèra, reflecting our continued investment in products, innovation and people, within the UK and Ireland heating sectors.”

The new branding is currently being rolled out and customers can expect to see the new packaging and marketing material soon. To find out more about Vokèra and its boilers and services please visit www.vokera.co.uk