The right training can make all the difference

Armed with increased knowledge, installers can offer their customers more when it comes to servicing a boiler or upgrading a heating system, inevitably leading to happier customers and more business for installers.

By frequently attending training sessions, installers can learn about the latest gas boilers, renewable and control products on the market, as well as the installation procedures and best practice which can help them save time and money on site. It also means that, with this expanded knowledge, they are better advised when it comes to recommending the right product to suit the customer’s requirements.

Undoubtedly, technology is constantly evolving. If installers consistently skip training opportunities, they run the risk of their knowledge and qualifications becoming outdated. Installation and commissioning competencies are also continuing to improve on particular appliances, so installers need to maintain awareness of the latest information available to them. Legislation is a constantly changing issue. It remains important that installers understand it, which may mean that retraining is required. For example, the Energy-related Products and Energy Labelling Directives ‘ErP’ were introduced within the last year and it is crucial to stay on top of these and other legislation.


For best results, training should focus on the needs of the engineers, helping them become more familiar with the product and guaranteeing that they are able to carry out an installation or repair correctly. It should also be well-structured to ensure that installers can cover the key areas they need to learn proficiently and quickly – no one wants to be stuck in a training room for longer than necessary. Courses should contain information on the different appliances themselves, including details on installation, operation, wiring, flueing, benchmark completion, fault finding and commissioning.

A comfortable, fully-equipped and modern training environment is also important, with top-rate instructors capable of keeping installers engaged throughout the day.

Installers working across Ireland also need to have training facilities in locations that are near to them and are easy to get to. Vokèra has a dedicated training facility in Callan, Co Kilkenny, which has recently been refurbished, as well as a number of satellite centres in both the north and south of Ireland. All training courses on offer are run across these centres, and one-to-one sessions can be arranged at all venues. This flexible approach means that installers receive the right training at a time and place that suits them.

As one of the market-leading brands in Ireland, Vokèra takes great pride in the quality of its training courses to deliver real value and provide a rewarding experience for installers. Our view is that we do not try to sell you boilers on these courses – they sell themselves. Instead, we focus on delivering real value for the engineers so that they leave feeling completely confident about installing and attending products.

Attending training courses is vital for installers to keep up-to-date with legislation, technology and product innovations. Making training courses as accessible and educational as possible is an important part of a manufacturer’s role, and one that Vokèra is keen to push.

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