Warmflow – Top of its Class

Officially the only double A-rated oil boiler in the UK and Ireland, the range offers ErP A-rated performance for both domestic hot water production, as well as space heating – a market first and setting a new benchmark for oil-fired combi boiler efficiency.

Gerard Mackle, Director of R&D and Production at Warmflow, said, “We have a proven track record of setting new standards of efficiency. You just have to look at our ground-source heat pump, which is the most efficient in Europe.

“At Warmflow, we are passionate about developing products which deliver real benefits and savings to our customers. While we have spent considerable time in R&D getting our range ready for the first step in lower NOx levels in 2018 and testing blue flame (which might not even be required in the future), we felt that it would be better to develop products that offer not just better emissions but actual pounds and pence savings to home-owners.

“This is a huge leap forward for oil boiler technology,” continued Gerard. “While the difference in space heating between the Band A oil boilers is marginal, this is ground-breaking for water heating efficiency. Our ERP Band A means that we are over 30% more efficient than some of the best-selling Band B combis on the market today. Feedback from installers has been overwhelmingly positive, as they can now show real savings to their customers, combined with a confidence and peace of mind that comes from our new seven-year extended warranty.”

The Warmflow Eco combi boiler now features a single Grundfos circulator and a Honeywell diverting valve, removing the need for non-return valves within the appliance, with a new-look control panel updated with a new design and featuring an Eco switch. In addition, The Kabin Pak models now feature a distinctive new anthracite casing colour, but have retained the galvanised steel base to ensure years of corrosion-free use for outdoor installations.

However, it doesn’t stop there. At Warmflow, the new Eco Combi boiler range, along with the rest of the new 2017 range of appliances, now comes with an extended seven-year warranty, providing peace of mind.

For more information on Warmflow telephone  (NI) 028 9262 1515 or (RoI) 0044 9262 1515, e-mail sales@warmflow.co.uk or visit www.warmflow.co.uk