Warming to environmental credentials

Environmental concerns are driving product development at Flamco

Whilst Flamco’s latest domestic heating product – the RedProtect© water treatment system – offers the benefits associated with water treatment chemicals and a filter, the company wanted to offer more.

RedProtect© offers the heating industry the ideal opportunity to reduce the amount of plastic waste generated after use of the chemical, in line with global and local opinion on plastic waste in the environment.

Compared to traditional liquid domestic heating chemicals, the RedProtect© system offers approximately an 84% reduction in plastic packaging content when compared to a traditional one litre chemical jerrycan and an approximately 77% reduction in plastic when compared to a standard 0.5 litre chemical bottle. Of the 12.9g of plastic in the RedProtect© product, all 100% is recyclable.

RedProtect© chemicals come in a solid tablet format, unlike virtually all other water treatment products that come as liquids or gels, so Flamco can guarantee there will be no spilling and no leaks from the new RedProtect© range.

As a concentrated range, Flamco is able to minimise the dimensions and weight of the products, greatly reducing its Carbon footprint. One dose of RP1 Corrosion Inhibitor weighs 128g compared to over 615g for a competitor’s 0.5 litre bottle or over 1184g for a one litre alternative.

“We’re proud to be able to launch a new water treatment system that offers a range of genuine benefits over the existing options that installers and specifiers have been using to date,” says John Lynch, Sales Manager – Domestic for Flamco.

“From the reduced energy consumption of the circulating pump – an up to 8% saving – to the simplicity of the system, the cleanliness, the reduced weight and the significant environmental benefits, RedProtect© is a winner from every angle. It’s easier and lighter to transport without spilling risks and is already proving to be a popular option in the merchants’ and in installers’ vans”

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