Warranty awareness with Baxi

An extended warranty is a great incentive for home-owners looking to buy a new boiler, guaranteeing them peace of mind and no unexpected repair bills for many years to come. However, to get the most out of a boiler warranty, it’s important to read the small print to ensure that it’s not unwittingly invalidated.
For home-owners, extended warranties represent great value for money. Boilers are often a distress purchase, and after paying out for a new one, they will want reassurance that any issues will be taken care of.

Baxi Potterton Myson has so much confidence in its products that it offers industry-leading warranties, including a seven-year warranty on the Baxi EcoBlue range of boilers.

However, to ensure that home-owners benefit from extended warranties, installers need to refer their customers to the small print, as failing to comply can be very costly for the customer. For example, to activate the warranty it should be registered with the manufacturer within 30 days of installation, and the installer must complete the Benchmark check list. This can be done online and should be top of an installer’s list as soon as they fit a new boiler.

Once activated, home-owners should be made aware of their obligations in maintaining the warranty. The boiler must be serviced annually by a Gas Registered installer and this will make sure that the appliance is safe and running reliably and to its optimum performance.

Savvy installers might want to set up a reminder system to ensure that their customers don’t forget about the service requirements of their boiler. One of the benefits of our loyalty scheme, Baxi Works, is that installers don’t need to contact customers in advance of a service, as we’ll do it for them. When a new boiler is registered by a Baxi Works member, we send out a yearly reminder so that the customer knows it is time to contact the installer to arrange a service.

If a boiler requires a repair, it is essential that installers use manufacturer-approved parts (as listed in the technical file) to fix the issue. Non-genuine parts may be cheaper, but they  can also invalidate the warranty.

Non-genuine parts may have been made from inferior materials or components, and may not have been through the same lifecycle testing and approvals process as genuine parts, so may not last as long or be as reliable.
If installers use a non-approved part, the manufacturer is no longer able to guarantee the safety of

the appliance, which voids the boiler’s CE mark. In this case, the responsibility for the appliance passes to the installer fitting the part, leaving them open to the risk of prosecution should anything go wrong.
Although non-genuine parts are cheaper, they can cost home-owners a lot more in the long run in invalidated warranties, poor performance and increased safety risks.
Extended warranties are great news for installers, offering the promise of regular servicing work and happier customers. By reading the terms and conditions of the warranty carefully and ensuring that each party understands their obligations, installers can add real value to the customer experience and keep heating systems running more efficiently for longer.

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