Top marks for the WavinTigris K1

The Esker Educate Together National School in Dublin was financed and constructed as part of the Department of Education and Skills’ Rapid Build Programme. The two-storey build consisted of 16 classrooms, six support teaching classrooms, a hall, library, staff room, two ball courts, a play area and associated ancillary accommodation. Construction was completed within the planned 34-week and more than 1,200m of Wavin Tigris K1 pipe was installed during a 16-week period.


This project was one of four new-build school contracts awarded to ABM Construction by the Department of Education and Skills’ Rapid Build Programme. The design and build consortium planned a fast-track on-site construction duration of just 34 weeks to ensure the two-storey school – with a total area of 2,524sqm – was completed and operational in time for the start of the 2015/2016 academic year. A plumbing solution that was quick and easy to install, cost effective and reliable was required – leading contractors to specify Wavin Tigris K1.

A total of 1,200m of Wavin Tigris K1 pipe and associated fittings were installed on site. Sizes ranged from 16mm to 63mm. In the larger sizes, namely 50mm and 63mm, Metal Bodied Fittings were supplied to accommodate the connection of K1’s plastic fittings with brass fittings. As Wavin Tigris K1 is a press-fit system, it features a lightweight, safe installation method that allowed the plumbing, soil and waste installation works to be completed in just 16 weeks.

With the design and build consortium planning such a fast-track construction programme, speed of installation – without compromising performance – was of particular importance. Wavin Tigris K1 has been specially designed with such requirements in mind. The flexible pipe means fewer fittings and faster, lower cost installations. Its quick, safe and proven press-fit system means no hot works insurance – and no soldering, welding or thread cutting – is needed.

The patented hexagonal nose reduces push-in force and will hold 2m of pipe unpressed, so installers don’t need to hold the pipe in position. Furthermore, the defined-leak window and visual connection checks give installers the peace of mind that secure connections have been made every time. It is for this reason among others that Wavin offers a 10-year guarantee that covers not just product replacement but the costs incurred during the process of repairing any damages, plus personal injury and any third party damages. This is unrivalled in the industry.

Frank Lovett, Contracts Manager at Laurence Mechanical – “On successfully securing the contract, our experienced contracts managers and project managers took a look at the time scale on the project and it was very quickly determined we needed to look at alternative products to speed up this installation. Reviewing the products available on the market, our contracts managers could clearly see the benefits and quality that the Wavin Tigris K1 system offered. All of our employees were demonstrated the product, and the feedback from our employees was extremely positive in relation to the ease of use and speed of installation.
“We would highly recommend this product to any prospective installers or project design teams, we found Wavin to be very helpful and they have always made themselves available to us if required. We have no doubt that Wavin Tigris K1 will become a market leader within the industry and its use will become common place, with same trusted quality Wavin products provide.”

Widely specified throughout Europe, Wavin Tigris K1 is proven and perfected to deliver high performance and significant cost savings in a wide range of commercial plumbing and heating projects.

Its patented design has been relentlessly engineered to optimise all the benefits of a composite metal-plastic press-fit system and deliver the optimum solution for sanitary, potable water and heating applications, including re-circulating systems.

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Key Facts…
Project: Esker Educate Together National School, Lucan, Co. Dublin, Ireland
Product: Wavin Tigris K1
Contractor: Laurence Mechanical & ABM Construction
Stakeholders: Department of Education and Skills